Oct 13 2019 7:34PM
Next Meetings
Our next group meeting is on Tuesday 10th December at 7:30 pm in the crypt at St Margaret's Church Lee Terrace. Please note there is no meeting in November. Our next letter writing is on the 22nd October at the Greenwich Tavern, King W...
Oct 13 2019 7:25PM
October Newsletter
October newsletter is attached
Sep 13 2019 7:47PM
September Newsletter
September Newsletter is attached
Jul 13 2019 10:11PM
July Newsletter
July newsletter is attached
Jul 13 2019 10:08PM
Booksale Result
Our annual summer booksale has raised the total of £12,181.95. Very many thanks to all those who donated books, bought books and helped on the day
May 20 2019 8:32PM
May 2019 Newsletter
Our May 2019 newsletter is attached
Apr 27 2019 10:17PM
2019 Booksale
Our next booksale is on the 15th of June at the Church of the Ascension, Dartmouth Row, Blackheath
Apr 27 2019 10:12PM
April 2019 Newsletter
April 2019 newsletter is attached
Mar 28 2019 8:46AM
March Newsletter
March 2018 Newsletter is attached
Feb 18 2019 3:26PM
February Newsletter
February Newsletter attached