May 3 2017 9:14AM
Next Booksale

Our next booksale is on 17 June at the Church of the Ascension

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Mar 20 2017 1:10PM
March Newsletter

March Newsletter is attached

Feb 23 2017 9:37AM
Next Meetings


Meetings are monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Crypt at St Margaret’s Church Lee Terrace at 7:30 pm the next one will be on 9th May


We also have a let...

Feb 23 2017 9:33AM
February Newsletter

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Amnesty International

Blackheath and Greenwich




February 2017

Group Meeting 14.02.2017


1. Introductions and welcome t...

Jan 16 2017 2:46PM
January 2017 Newsletter

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Dec 29 2016 11:42AM
December 2017 Newsletter

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Dec 29 2016 11:37AM
Next Meetings

Next Meetings

Our next group meetiing is on Tuesday 14 February 2017 in the crypt of St Margaret's Church Lee Terrace starting at 19:30

Nov 20 2016 12:06PM
Autumn Booksale Total £ 4,790.33

Many thanks to all who supported us


Nov 3 2016 11:35AM
Autumn Booksale

Our Autumn Booksale will soon be here


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Oct 17 2016 8:36PM
Next Meetings

Next Meetings