May 11 2017 1:07PM
May Newsletter
May Newsletter is attached
May 3 2017 9:14AM
Next Booksale
Our next booksale is on 17 June at the Church of the Ascension Follow the booksale blog at
Mar 20 2017 1:10PM
March Newsletter
March Newsletter is attached
Feb 23 2017 9:37AM
Next Meetings
Meetings are monthly on the 2 nd Tuesday of the month in the Crypt at St Margaret’s Church Lee Terrace at 7:30 pm the next one will be on 9th May We also have a letter writing session on the 4 th Tuesday of the month at the Greenwich T...
Feb 23 2017 9:33AM
February Newsletter
February Newsletter is attached Amnesty International Blackheath and Greenwich Newsletter February 2017 Group Meeting 14.02.2017 1. Introductions and welcome to Steph Boulter and our guest Matthew Pennycock MP. 2. Brigitte had sent det...
Jan 16 2017 2:46PM
January 2017 Newsletter
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Dec 29 2016 11:42AM
December 2017 Newsletter
December newsletter is attached
Dec 29 2016 11:37AM
Next Meetings
Next Meetings Our next group meetiing is on Tuesday 14 February 2017 in the crypt of St Margaret's Church Lee Terrace starting at 19:30
Nov 20 2016 12:06PM
Autumn Booksale Total £ 4,790.33
Many thanks to all who supported us
Nov 3 2016 11:35AM
Autumn Booksale
Our Autumn Booksale will soon be here Further details at