2013 (25)
Dec 8 2013 1:06PM
Manchester Group December Newsletter
Here is the December edition of our newsletter. Full of news and actions.
Nov 21 2013 12:48PM
In November and December every year, Manchester Amnesty takes part in the Write for Rights campaign.
Nov 21 2013 12:34PM
Change of venue for December meeting!
For this DECEMBER only, the monthly meeting will be held just around the corner from our normal venue - still in the city centre.
Nov 21 2013 12:24PM
Manchester Group November Newsletter
Read our November newsletter. Thanks to Mary for putting it together this month.
Oct 9 2013 3:09PM
Manchester Literature Festival Event: Writing a Path through Palestine
Manchester Literature Festival Event: Writing a Path through Palestine Saturday 19 th October, 2-3pm
Oct 9 2013 12:06PM
Manchester Group October Newsletter
Here is our October newsletter. Don't miss booking for the Literature Festival event (19th October) or the NW Regional Conference (16th November).
Sep 17 2013 4:57PM
Letter Writing Session at The Eighth Day Cafe
Letter Writing session Saturday 21 st September, 2-4pm
Sep 8 2013 3:03PM
Manchester Group September Newsletter
Lots in this month’s newsletter, including:
Sep 7 2013 7:37PM
Manchester Pride 2013
The Manchester LGBT pride parade on Saturday 24th August was well supported by over 20 volunteers and followed the Love is a Human Right campaign.
Aug 9 2013 10:27AM
Manchester Group August Newsletter
Our August newsletter is now available to download. Lots of exciting events to get involved in int the next few months - Have a look and come along!