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2021 (13)
Dec 16 2021 3:20PM
December 2021 newsletter now available

Thank you for all your time, energy and commitment over the last year, despite the challenges thrown at us as a result of the pandemic. As always, it makes a huge difference to those at risk of human rights abuses, to raising awareness...

Nov 7 2021 4:42PM
Write for Rights event, Sussex Amnesty (09/12/2021)

09/12/2021, 19:30 - 20:30 Virtual Write for Rights event, Sussex Amnesty. This is a joint meeting with attendees from five Amnesty Groups around East and West Sussex, to work together on the Write for Rights 2021 cases. What is the...

Nov 7 2021 4:37PM
November 2021 newsletter now available

Here's the November newsletter, with updates on our on-going work on Egypt, plus information about the 2021 Write for Rights campaign. We would also like to invite you to an online Write for Rights event taking place on Thursday 9...

Oct 10 2021 12:04PM
October 2021 newsletter now available

I hope that some of you will feel able to take part in the Amnesty Week of Action… , but we also sadly have a bumper crop of actions in our October Newsletter in...

Sep 11 2021 4:10PM
September 2021 newsletter now available

Here's your September newsletter, with some good news from Egypt as well as some actions for some of the on-going actions in Egypt too. If you want to focus on just one action this month, it would be great if you could complete the...

Aug 14 2021 1:06PM
August 2021 newsletter now available

Here's the Group's August newsletter, with some timely action on one of our long-standing cases in support of Azza Soliman and Case 173, plus a reminder about our social event, the Pumble, next Saturday, 21 August. As we have now moved...

Jul 17 2021 5:09PM
July 2021 newsletter now available

This is our bumper July newsletter with updates and further actions on Egypt, plus a quick online action in support of the Uyghur in China and to encourage provision of Covid-19 immunisations to at-risk communities in Nepal. We have a...

Jul 17 2021 5:08PM
June 2021 newsletter: Egypt special edition

I n view of the rapidly deteriorating human rights situation in Egypt and the urgent need for action on behalf of several of our long standing cases, we are sending a special mailing outlining specific actions to be taken in June...

May 23 2021 2:57PM
May 2021 newsletter now available

May 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Amnesty International. To commemorate this, we’ve created a short history of this Group and some photos to remember some of the many events and actions that we've undertaken, to...

Apr 25 2021 12:54PM
April 2021 Newsletter now available

Upcoming events promoted in this Newsletter include the Festival of Social Justice and the Amnesty AGM, both of which will be taking place online: I hope you will be able to attend some of the events. Actions in the Newsletter include...