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6 things to do at home in times of coronavirus

Distant but together

In times of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, many of us are having to stay at home. Here are six free things you can do from home to learn something new and develop skills that promote equality and respect in your community.

Why not use your time wisely to empower yourself, or to help others under self isolation and social distancing measures?

1. Share something hopeful and positive

It can be difficult to deal with all the news right now. Why not share something positive, like a video of people showing solidarity during this pandemic or a good news story that you found online?

Where there are people, there's always hope – even in times of the global coronavirus pandemic – because our common humanity unites us all.

You can also help limit the spread of misinformation online by only sharing advice from experts and reliable sources, like the World Health Organisation. This will help stop people around you from panicking.   

You can also share these graphics on your social media accounts.

2. Educate yourself

Use your time at home wisely - there are loads of educational materials on human rights which you can learn from. We have a whole Human Rights Academy dedicated to exactly that, so whether it's an introductory course on the fundamentals, or a specific course on a topic of interest, make the most of your time at home during this coronavirus pandemic

On our Academy, you can:

  • Take an introduction course on the core concepts of human rights.
  • Turn yourself into an agent of change with our new online course on the UDHR.
  • Learn how to protect yourself online and promote digital security.
  • Come face-to-face with human rights activists in this course on Freedom of Expression.
  • Learn what a human rights defender is, and become one yourself.

Find all of our free courses here.  

3. Get involved: Sign a petition

Human rights abuses are still happening around the world. Use this time to take action and have your say.

Help us demand freedom for detained protesters against forced veiling in Iran.

Help release Yulia, a Russian LGBTI activist imprisoned for sharing body-positivity images online.

Demand charges be dropped against volunteers arrested for helping to rescue refugees. 

 4. Checkout our 'how-to' tutorials

Still not enough? Now is the perfect time to make the most of our how-to video tutorials. Learn something new today, like how to spot fake news or protest peacefully in our easily viewable videos where we break down some serious human rights issues.

5. Help others with technology and social media during isolation

If you are good at using technology and social media, you can help those who may not be - especially those who may be self isolating. Guide people through using messaging apps and social media. Call them to show them remotely how to look for help, find reliable sources and advice online. Help them find communities and people online they can talk to during this global coronavirus pandemic.

6. Show solidarity, care for others, volunteer

At times like this, there are so many ways you can help those around you, even from home. For instance:

  • Follow health workers’ advice and social distancing guidelines if you’ve been advised to do so. It helps protect people most vulnerable in your communities and eases the burden on carers and hospitals.
  • Provide emotional support for people via phone calls or messages. This can be an extremely lonely time for many. Call people and provide them with support.
  • Help limit the spread of misinformation and create awareness about basic dos and don’ts by promoting advice from experts and reliable sources.
  • Share scarce resources, be considerate when shopping and offer help to people who are less able to access protective necessary goods that are in high demand.
  • Support your local businesses by utilising their delivery service if they have one
  • Find out how you can support freelancers and zero-hours contract workers
  • If you are a small business yourself, how can you pivot to meet people's needs during this crisis.
  • Volunteer to go to the shops for neighbours that may be elderly or with a disability, while observing social distancing.

Your NHS needs you - Become an NHS Volunteer Responder

If you're over-18, fit and healthy with no symptoms, please consider volunteering for the new NHS Volunteer Responders scheme. This programme enables volunteers to provide care or to help a vulnerable person. Find out more.

And remember, whatever you do: Stay safe.