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COVID-19 (147)
Nov 14 2022 8:56am
Asia and the Pacific Islands: Height of Covid-19 ‘deadliest year on record’ for transgender people should be governments' wake-up call
In the height of Covid-19, 375 trans and gender diverse people reporte...
May 31 2022 11:03am
Covid-19: Pandemic restrictions magnified discrimination against marginalised groups - new report
Report reveals ‘a grossly disproportionate effect on those who already...
May 12 2022 8:38pm
North Korea: International isolation is putting lives at risk as Covid-19 hits
Responding to North Korean state media declaring a “maximum national e...
Feb 14 2022 12:01am
Pharmaceutical companies accused of continuing to profiteer from pandemic - new report
‘Despite billions in public funding, these companies are continuing to...
Dec 31 2021 12:01am
Covid-19: wealthy countries and pharma companies have 'catastrophically failed' over equal vaccine access
Despite pledges, Pfizer and Moderna delivering less than 1% of their s...
Dec 21 2021 9:30am
Urgent Action Outcome: Court Orders Investigation Into The Pandemic
On 26 November the Attorney General delivered to the Supreme Court a s...
Nov 11 2021 9:07am
COVID-19: New research reveals Pfizer is making misleading claims about distribution of vaccines to low income countries
Exposed: misleading Pfizer claims that one billion Covid-19 doses will...
Nov 2 2021 2:39pm
COVID-19: Pfizer reports massive revenues whilst failing to vaccinate billions
This ‘is a failure of catastrophic proportions’ - Patrick Wilcken B...
Oct 31 2021 9:09pm
Global: G20's vague vaccine promises 'an affront' to five million dead
The G20’s final statement on increasing global access to Covid-19 vacc...
Oct 26 2021 4:11pm
Covid-19: G20 leaders must 'put aside greed and selfishness' to end vaccine inequality
Since the first vaccine was administered, the death toll has risen fro...