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Jul 10 2024 3:24PM
Reflections on the DfE Draft Relationship and Sex Education Guidance from our Youth Collective

Highlighting the issues raised by the 2024 RSHE consultation - which attacks children’s right to education, and the rights of LGBT students - and encouraging you to stand alongside Amnesty UK against it.

Jun 27 2024 12:07PM
Gender-based Violence and Homelessness by Gabriela Quevedo

Gabriela Quevedo from Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) explains the challenges and opportunities for supporting Black and minoritised survivors of violence – who struggle to obtain support and justice from public authorities

Jun 27 2024 11:58AM
Can we expect the next government to Make Homelessness History?

Written by Jen Clark, Economic Social and Cultural Rights Lead at Amnesty UK "Homelessness is a profound assault on dignity, social inclusion and the right to life.” Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing ( A/HRC/43/43...

Jun 26 2024 12:37PM
Developing A China Strategy by Benedict Rogers

Benedict Rogers - human rights activist, co-founder & chief executive of Hong Kong Watch, co-founder & deputy chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission - argues that UK Gov needs a clear & consistent China strategy.

Jun 26 2024 12:37PM
The Right To Protest - Beyond Just Stop Oil by Irina Von Wiese

Liberal Democrat Irina von Wiese, a lawyer and civil rights activist, says the new government must reverse the creeping erosion of human rights in recent legislation and restore the right to protest in the UK.