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Aug 18 2017 3:55PM
A hateful eight days... and what to do about it
Amidst a raft of hateful events in the last few days, it's tempting to feel defeated by it all. But we won’t let hate, bigotry and discrimination divide us. Not now, not ever.
Aug 18 2017 12:55PM
The Indian government is failing victims of child rape
On average, a child is raped every 155 minutes in India. Police misconduct, lack of effective monitoring, and a culture in which victims are stigmatised, all mean the law is failing to protect children.
Aug 16 2017 11:17PM
Remember Liu Xiaobo & free Liu Xia
London week 5 memorial for # LiuXiaobo # FreeLiuXia 伦敦五七悼念 # 刘晓波 # 自由刘霞
Aug 16 2017 3:34PM
Tanzania must end the cruel ban on pregnant girls in schools
No one should be denied access to an education – but this is exactly what is happening in Tanzania, where cruel laws ban any girl who is pregnant from school.
Aug 13 2017 9:28PM
Mini survey in London's Chinatown on Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia's release
A total of 100 interviews: sympathize (10), disapprove (0), Refuse to answer (69), Don't know (21) 伦敦唐人街华人微型民调 四七悼念 #刘晓波 #自由刘霞 反对 0,赞同 10,拒答 69,没听说 21,总计100