January 2015 (3)
Jan 27 2015 12:20PM
UK election: 100 days to go
And so it begins. In 100 days the country will go to the polls and decide who will govern the UK for the next five years. The main thing I hear people talking about is uncertainty about the result. Even my friends who normally confiden...
Jan 26 2015 6:21PM
Celebs say they're ashamed the UK has failed Syrian refugees: they're right
What do Sting, Emma Thompson, Vivienne Westwood and Michelle Dockery have in common? Vivienne Westwood isn’t well known for being a rock star, and Sting hasn’t ever (I don’t think?!) starred in an ITV historical drama (the award-winnin...
Jan 20 2015 2:42PM
Why aren't UK ministers manning the free speech barricades for Raif Badawi?
After the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attack, world leaders have queued up to condemn the atrocity and voice their support for liberty and free speech. Prime Minister David Cameron was as forthright as any, quickly calling the attack i...