October 2014 (3)
Oct 28 2014 2:06PM
Is there ever a justification for leaving people to drown in the Med?

Why do people leave their homes, travel by foot many hundreds of miles, risk attack, exploitation, starvation and hunger, to board rickety, crowded boats (the kind that are known to have sank previously, killing hundreds of people in...

Oct 3 2014 10:36AM
The dangers of scrapping the Human Rights Act

At a fundamental level, human rights are an assertion of protection from the government and a claim for the protection of the government. Power has the potential for good and ill, which is why power must be regulated and laden with...

Oct 1 2014 5:20PM
Why human rights were on the tips of everyone’s tongues at Conservative Party Conference…yes, really!

With defections to UKIP, an embarrassed Ministerial resignation, pensions and NHS funding dominating the news surrounding this year’s Conservative Party Conference, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Human Rights were far from anyone...