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November 2017 (3)
Nov 20 2017 1:00PM
It’s time to talk about Brexit

By Rachel Logan, Amnesty UK's Law and Human Rights Programme Director It’s time to talk about Brexit. Not the rights and wrongs of the decision. Not whether we’re on course for a hard or soft exit. Not even whether we’re going to be...

Nov 20 2017 1:00PM
How the government profiteers from children needing to register as British citizens

How can someone born in this country, having lived here all her life, find herself threatened with removal by the government to somewhere she doesn’t know and has never been? How can this happen when she's entitled, by the law, to...

Nov 7 2017 7:00AM
The UK government has been spying on Amnesty – so we're going to court

By Rachel Logan (Law & Human Rights Programme Director) and Joshua Franco (Researcher/Advisor on Technology & Human Rights) At around 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon in July 2015, a short, one-paragraph e-mail arrived at the offices of...