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2014 (21)
Nov 3 2014 1:27PM
Ukraine: falling from a trolleybus is not a war crime. Or is it?

'It’s not Europe. It’s a bit different… it’s a war here'. This is what a commander of the Aidar volunteer battalion told Amnesty earlier this year. War, or any full blown armed conflict as Ukraine is experiencing despite the recent...

Sep 1 2014 12:50PM
Gao Zhisheng: released but not yet free

On 7 August, Gao Zhisheng, a prominent human rights lawyer often referred to as the ‘conscience of China’ was released from prison. Released, but not yet free, his future remains uncertain: his political rights continue to be withheld...

Aug 29 2014 4:39PM
Bolivia's search for truth, justice and reparation

For over 150 years between its independence from Spain and the mid-1980s, Bolivia was characterised by a history of coups, counter-coups and the occasional revolution. Since 1985, however, despite various outbreaks of social unrest...

Aug 19 2014 2:06AM
Omar Sa'ad and conscientious objectors imprisoned in Israel for refusing to bear arms against Palestinians

With tensions high in Israel, this is a particularly difficult time to be a conscientious objector in a country where military service is compulsory for almost all of its young men and women. Omar Saad, a Druze viola player from...

Aug 4 2014 12:31PM
A death penalty for journalism in Iran

Iran’s hardline judiciary is getting very good at silencing its critics. Over the last decade, but especially following the 2009 presidential election when the authorities tightened restrictions on free speech and access to information...

Jul 29 2014 3:33PM
His child died while he was in prison

Ángel Amílcar Colón Quevedo's eight-year-old son was dying of cancer. Ángel is a black Honduran, a member of the downtrodden Garifuna community. In desperate hope of earning money for a cure for his child, Ángel tried to get to the...

Jul 16 2014 2:04PM
Stand with Dina Meza – a journalist under threat in Honduras

Aspiring writers might dream of being an award-winning journalist with access to a wealth of captivating stories on crime, corruption and political intrigue. But what’s the reality in countries where freedom of speech is under serious...

Jul 15 2014 2:44AM
War crimes by all sides as sectarian violence against civilians continues in Iraq

ISIS, armed groups and militias, and Iraqi Government forces have committed war crimes and gross abuses of human rights in the conflict spreading across Iraq. Northern Iraq: Civilians in the Line of Fire is a new briefing by Amnesty...

Jul 4 2014 2:49PM
A 20-year battle won, and new hope for Paraguay's indigenous communities

On 11 June, Paraguay’s President Cartes signed into law an Expropriation Bill that returns more than 55 square miles of traditional land to the Sawhoyamaxa people – an area about the size of Cardiff. It’s hopefully the end of a...

Jun 30 2014 2:50PM
Rwandan newspaper editor released

Just the news I’d been hoping for! Agnes Uwimana Nkusi was released three weeks earlier than expected on 18 June. In her working life, she was the editor of the tabloid newspaper Umurabyo but I was thinking joyfully about her personal...

Jun 20 2014 2:58PM
Show trials, intolerance and discrmination: Gezi Park one year on

Twitter is everywhere these days and everyone seems to be tweeting - compressing our lives into short updates to share with the world. So what could be more ‘now’ than a twitter trial? I don’t mean trial by twitter of course, but...

May 9 2014 5:45PM
A breakthrough for indigenous rights in Paraguay

Paraguay’s Senate have voted to support an Expropriation Bill that could prove a landmark in the struggle of the country’s indigenous communities to gain recognition of their rights to their ancestral lands. Amnesty International has...

May 2 2014 7:52PM
World Press Freedom Day: where does Cuba sit?

World Press Freedom Day on 3 May spotlights Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to...

Apr 30 2014 12:41PM
Starvation and torture. Ban Ki Moon's second report on humanitarian access to Syria

Last week, Ban Ki Moon presented his second report on the ‘implementation of Security Council Resolution 2139’ – the resolution calling on all sides in Syria to allow immediate humanitarian access to crisis areas such as Yarmouk, where...

Apr 24 2014 12:53PM
Arrested - and shot at - for praying. The Indonesian approach to policing peaceful gatherings

Ahead of the Indonesian elections this month we joined TAPOL, Survival International and Down to Earth outside the Indonesian Embassy to call for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoners of conscience imprisoned solely for...

Mar 11 2014 4:01PM
Deliberate starvation and war crimes in Yarmouk

In Yarmouk just a few years ago you could never go hungry. A place which began as a Palestinian refugee camp in 1948 developed into a bustling commercial hub. Now, it’s no longer a sanctuary but the scene of some of the worst...

Mar 6 2014 2:35PM
World Book Day: Guantánamo’s Restricted Library

Today's World Book Day celebrates and encourages reading. What will you pick up today? Some Shakespeare, a classic fairy tale such as Puss in Boots perhaps, or something weightier like Dostoyevsky’s Crime & Punishment? For Guantánamo...

Mar 5 2014 12:23PM
Huber Matos: The Night Has Come

Huber Matos, who was Amnesty’s first Cuban prisoner of conscience, has died aged 95. Matos was a schoolteacher who became an army commander in the revolutionary forces fighting to overthrow the Batista government. However, he disagreed...

Mar 2 2014 2:59PM
2013 Human Rights report on Indigenous people of Bangladesh

The 2013 Human Rights Report on Indigenous people of Bangladesh has been published by the Kapaeeng Foundation, with the support of Oxfam and the European Union. The report shows that, in 2013, the number of incidents of human rights...

Jan 8 2014 11:52AM
After Turkey's Gezi Park protests: passion, distrust and fear in court

“We must be careful today. Last time, the police used tear gas and we had to run.” This was my interpreter’s warning as we walked to the court in Ankara to observe the third hearing of a trial for Amnesty in December 2013. The...