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February 2013 (4)
Feb 27 2013 5:55PM
Forced Eviction by Lagos State in Nigeria

“The police said if we went back into the house they were going to shoot us.” Friday Ogunyemi woke up on Saturday 23 February 2013 oblivious to the fact that he and his family would be made homeless that morning and would have to spend...

Feb 25 2013 12:16PM
The time is now to prevent weapons getting into the hands of human rights abusers

As we launch a new action calling on MPs to endorse a robust Arms Trade Treaty, Labour & Co-operative MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun Cathy Jamieson pledges her support. At least one person dies every minute as a result of armed violence...

Feb 21 2013 11:00AM
Pussy Riot one year on - still imprisoned, still defiant

Pussy Riot had only been in existence for four months when, a year ago today, some of the group’s members walked through the doors of Moscow’s main Orthodox Cathedral. They were to perform a stunt that would propel the feminist punk...

Feb 16 2013 6:07PM
Mind the gaps: closing the loopholes in the Arms Trade Treaty

At least 1,500 men, women and children die every day due to armed violence and conflict. And about 80% of them are civilians. But the global arms trade remains unregulated, allowing governments to authorise the transfer and trade of...