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August 2012 (3)
Aug 30 2012 1:37PM
Have you seen these men?

The whereabouts of the 22 Syrians below are unknown. Their families don't know if they're alive or dead. The authorities refuse to disclose any information about their whereabouts or their well-being. Today is the International Day of...

Aug 23 2012 4:24PM
Help stop the horror in Syria - support our evidence-gathering work

Update Wednesday 19 September Donatella has just returned from Syria where, in parts of the Idlib and North Hama regions, she again witnessed indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas with no apparent military target. As this video from...

Aug 2 2012 12:49AM
Justifying abuse kills hope for a human rights revolution in Syria

It is true that one can say they want a new Syria where all people's human rights are respected AND cheer the brutal extrajudicial execution of members of the notorious Berri clan in Aleppo. This is possible but let’s be clear; it...