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February 2011 (5)
Feb 17 2011 11:00AM
What's next for Egypt?

After 30 years of grinding poverty and repression, the people of Egypt have taken to the streets to call for change. But now that Mubarak is gone and political transition is underway, what reforms need to happen to satisfy the dreams...

Feb 12 2011 11:00AM
Stand in solidarity and defiance…the live blog!

Today we will be in Trafalgar Square in London to show support for the people of Egypt and people acros the Middle East and North Africa. We’ll be blogging live and you can follow the event at #feb12global 14:30 Here is one last video...

Feb 7 2011 11:00AM
Stand in solidarity and defiance with those demanding change

Follow the event live on our blog Update: The rallies are going ahead as planned As mass anti-govermment protests continue in Egypt and across several other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, join us for a global day of...

Feb 4 2011 11:00AM
Our latest on Egypt

It has been a momentous week in Egypt but unfortunately also a very violent one – as the people continue to call for change, the authorities in the country have launched a sweeping crackdown, aggressively suppressing peaceful protests...

Feb 1 2011 11:00AM
A death foretold

David Kato (right) at Copenhague Pride 2010 On Wednesday 26 January, I was at a meeting in Brussels with other Amnesty colleagues from across Europe. It was there that I heard the news that David Kato had been brutally murdered. David...