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Stand in solidarity and defiance…the live blog!

Today we will be in Trafalgar Square in London to show support for the people of Egypt and people acros the Middle East and North Africa. We’ll be blogging live and you can follow the event at #feb12global

Here is one last video from the demo. We will be uploading more pictures and videos throughout the next week, but for now, that’s it from London. But there are similar events taking place all around the world so watch out on Twitter for the latest.

With a massive cheer from the crowd and the Arabic chant that Egypt is now free the demo has come to an end. There has been a real feeling of celebration here today so thank you to everyone who has taken part.

The tone of the day here is truly global. There are people from all round the world standing together and shouting Freedom. Thank you to everyone who has been tweeting #feb12global

We are getting people uploading photos to our Flickr group throughout the demo. Take a look at some of the best ones below.

Young Egyptians have now taken to the stage and told us their vision for Egypt’s future where human rights are respected and everyone has freedom of expression.

This is the latest clip from the demo and you can watch it as it happens in the live stream below. The is an amazing atmosphere now with lots of cheering. “1-2-3 Egypt is now free” has become the chant of the day.

Here is a powerful video that we received last night from activists working inside Egypt:

More and more people are filling the square.

Salil Shetty, the Secretary General of Amnesty has just said on stage that today is a celebration because we can now more clearly see the possibility of having an Egypt that respects rights of all Egyptians.

And we are off! The reason we are here is to show solidarity with not only the people of Egypt, but people across the Middle East and North Africa. We have seen some fantastic scenes in Egypt since yesterday but it has to be only the beginning. Read our Agenda for Change briefing to find out more about what we are calling for.


As we prepare to launch watch a live feed of events in Trafalgar Square.

(This isn’t an official feed, and the views of expressed in it are not necessarily those of Amnesty)

Solidarity in Trafalgar Square.
Egypt 9

Activist Tech rickshaw looking pretty incredible. They should be broadcasting live soon here –
Egypt 7

Stewards are getting their last briefing. You’ve got half an hour to get here.Egypt 3

Under an hour to go now and people are starting to fill up the square.

London of course isn’t the only city holding a demo today. They are more than 33 taking place in 15 different countries. Check out what people in Australia have already been up to –

The stage is set up, wi-fi is online and we are installed in our media centre (aka the back of a Transit). The weather looks fine and there are already lots of people starting to arrive.

The screen has just gone up. We have some great videos that we got out of Egypt last night so look out for them later.

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