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Human rights defenders (723)
May 12 2022 2:56pm
UK: Fresh call on the Government to help British national on hunger strike in Egypt
Human rights activist, Alaa Abdel Fattah who rose to prominence during...
May 3 2022 6:06pm
Greece: Acquittal of police officers in LGBTI activist killing 'beggars belief'
Zak Kostopoulos, queer activist and drag artist, was brutally beaten b...
Apr 25 2022 5:53pm
Turkey: Aggravated life sentence for Osman Kavala a 'devastating blow' for human rights
Osman has been arbitrarily detained in Istanbul’s high security Silivr...
Apr 5 2022 12:10pm
UK: Youth activists in training to rise up and defend human rights
Amnesty and The Co-operative Bank back young human rights defenders wi...
Feb 25 2022 2:41pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Human Rights Defender Free Following Amnesty
On 30 December 2021, Baradine Berdei Targuio was granted an amnesty me...
Feb 25 2022 2:34pm
Beijing 2022: Olympic skater gives away gold medal to protest China's human rights abuses
Swedish Olympic champion Nils van der Poel gives his gold medal to Hon...
Feb 18 2022 6:18pm
Bahrain: devices of three activists hacked by notorious Pegasus spyware - new investigation
Lawyer, journalist and mental health counsellor targeted after publicl...
Feb 14 2022 12:07pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Student Released From Detention; Trial Ongoing
Patrick George Zaki, a researcher and master’s student, was provisiona...
Feb 3 2022 11:06am
Urgent Action Outcome: Activist And Filmmaker Released From Detention
On 23 December 2021, Egyptian human rights activist and filmmaker Sana...