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April 2010 (4)
Apr 13 2010 12:42PM
At night, when you close your eyes, think of a woman who never sleeps.

Farangis Khanum Davoudifar, Kaveh Kermanshahi's mother Farangis khanum is 50 years old and mother of two sons although she tragically lost one of them 10 years ago and the other, Kaveh is in prison for over two months. As a young girl...

Apr 8 2010 1:28PM
Koohyar Goodarzi, A man for all seasons

He is young, energetic and very, very intelligent. He is from the city of Kerman where its winters are crisp and cold and summers dry and hot. Kerman has produced many brave men and women who have stood for the rights of people and...

Apr 8 2010 10:54AM
Free my so or take me to prison as well!

Bewildered mother of Mohemmed Davari, a simple and honest teacher who also cooperated with Etemad Meli and Saham New. These two publications are the official online papers of cleric Mehdi Karubi, the defeated Iranian presidential...

Apr 5 2010 12:01PM
Out of danger but in danger

A report by Iranian human rights activists who have fled Iran in fear of persecution in recent months through hazardous mountains of Kurdestan into Turkey and now live in dire circumstance waiting to be re-settled. NIGDE, Turkey –...