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Free my so or take me to prison as well!

Bewildered mother of Mohemmed Davari, a simple and honest teacher who also cooperated with Etemad Meli and Saham New. These two publications are the official online papers of cleric Mehdi Karubi, the defeated Iranian presidential candidate. Mohammed was allegedly collecting evidence of rape in prisons at the heat of street demonstrations last summer  when detained and taken to Evin prison. Ever since he has been under enormous pressure to appear on TV in  to 'cofess' and deny charges of rape but he has refused. On one occasion when deputy Minister of Information visited prisons and talked to him, he objected to his situation as he is neither charged nor released. Shortly after the visit ended, he was taken to solitary and denied visitation. No one knows what has happened to him.

Mohemmed's old mother is the only person from the family who has permission to visit him every three months. She travels from the far northern city of Bojnord to Tehran to see her son for just a short time. Distressed as she is, she has asked the authorities to either release her son or take her to prison as well. Where can I stay when I come to Tehran? I'd rather be with my son in detention than travelling miles for such short visit. She told the reporter in a recent interview.


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