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October 2009 (6)
Oct 27 2009 8:50AM
A letter from Behnood, the juvenile who was executed last month

Please read the letter. think and take action to stop child killings in Iran.

Oct 19 2009 3:20PM
Can anybody stop the accelaration of executions?

Rouhi Shafii Two women in different parts of Iran and two juveniles are in danger of imminent execution. Today, I will report the case of one of the women, Soheila Ghadiri who is due for execution on Wednesday 21 on Orumieh in north...

Oct 17 2009 12:56PM
Stop Execution of juveniles and political prisoners!

Saturday, October 17, 2009 Rouhi Shafii The Iranian government has accelerated its reign of executions despite international condmentations. Two categories of prisoners are at the immidiate risk of execution: a number of people who...

Oct 13 2009 10:32PM
Time to stop child killings in Iran

Three days It took me three hard days to have the heart to sit and write about the killing of a child. I don't know how those who went to protest and prevent this barbaric act would cope with the trauma of watching him plead with the...

Oct 9 2009 11:01AM
Child Execution continues

Three juveniles are in the imminent threat of being executed in Iran. All three have been sentenced to death by hanging. Behnoud Shojai, Safar Anguti and Mohemmad Reza Hadadi were under 18 when they got involved in the crimes...

Oct 3 2009 12:59AM
Evin, the school of Love!

Shabnam Madadzadeh, a university student and political activist was detained in February 2009 along with her brother. She was kept in solitary for 70 days and then transferred to ward 209. Although the bail money has been paid for her...