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Child Execution continues

Three juveniles are in the imminent threat of being executed in Iran. All three have been sentenced to death by hanging. Behnoud Shojai, Safar Anguti and Mohemmad Reza Hadadi were under 18 when they got involved in the crimes. Regardless of the circumstances where these juveniles killed some one their execution must be stopped.

Iran is among the few countries with the largest annual death penalties. This must be stopped. We can put a stop to it if we raise our voices and campaign against the death penalty. The lawyer who defends these three youths has written in his blog that he was not able to persuade the families to accept the blood money and prevent the executions. We must spread and teach the concept of forgiveness and stop the cycle of killings and executions. Killing is an inhumane act by defenition, whether one kills another or a system kills the accused becuase he killed some one. The cycle never stops unless we put a stop to it.  Mohemmad Mostafai, the lawyer defending these juveniles is pleading to the world to stop these executions.  He says he cannot sleep at night thinking that one of these days a rope will pull round the neck of these youths who didn't know what they were doing.

Iran's judiciary system has issued the first death penalty for a person who attended the peaceful demonstrations against the election-coup last summer. It is not enough that the regime detains, kidnaps and imprisons its citizens, tortures and rapes them for the crimes they have not committed. The first sentence of death penalty is sending yet one more message to the opposition to stop their campaign altogether. We have a 4 miserable years ahead of us. Four miserable years!  

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