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December 2014 (5)
Dec 16 2014 10:14AM
"rule by law" (法制) and "rule of law" (法治)

There is a confusion of "rule by law" (法制) and "rule of law" (法治) in Chinese Context. Their meanings are totally different. Rule of law is the respect for law, and is above the Party-state. Rule by law is using the law as a tool. It...

Dec 16 2014 9:24AM
Holiday Trials & Other Moves Possible for Detained Activists & Lawyers

Holiday Trials & Other Moves Possible for Detained Activists & Lawyers Five activists and lawyers seized since the spring of 2013 may face trial soon, according to CHRD sources. It is believed that Chinese authorities may hold court...

Dec 7 2014 12:14PM
Human Rights Day solidarity vigil in London. Reclaiming Peoples' Future, in Solidarity and Defiance!

"Solidarity" written in Chinese, Uyghur and Tibetan scripts. Join us on 10 Dec, 6-9pm, outside Chinese Embassy in London: Reclaiming Peoples' Rights and Future, in Solidarity and Defiance! 倫敦人權團體聯合籌備國際人權日,華維藏文書寫“團結”。请加入我们...

Dec 4 2014 10:36PM
A partial list of detained after expressing support for Hong Kong Democracy 4 Dec 2014

Updated on 4 Dec 2014 Activists, writers, artists in China have been detained for expressing support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests. Some of them have been detained only becasue the authority linked them with those expressing...

Dec 4 2014 1:19PM
Nip any independent and dissident activities and voice in bud: the New Repressive Methods and Old Totalitarian institutions

After Xi Jinping came to power, Chinese regime has nipped any potential activity in bud, by the new repressive methods and old totalitarian institutions. Law is one of the authority's tool to control society, judicial interpretation...