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November 2014 (5)
Nov 20 2014 12:33PM
Journalist Gao Yu, human rights lawyers Pu Zhiqiang and Tang Jingling, signatories of Charter 08, could face harsher charges

Journalist Gao Yu (高瑜), human rights lawyers Pu Zhiqiang 浦志强 and Tang Jingling (唐荆陵), signatories of Charter 08 could face harsher charges. #China #humanrightslawyer Pu Zhiqiang 浦志强 could face harsher charges: attorney

Nov 11 2014 6:33PM
A partial list of detained after expressing support for #HK Democracy 24 November

Updated on 24 November 2014 Activists in China have been detained for expressing support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests. In total, 101 people have been detained since the Hong Kong protests began on 26 September. 50 remain in...

Nov 6 2014 2:21PM
[CHRB] Women’s Rights Defenders Face Reprisals Over UN Review (10/31-11/6/2014)

Contents Reprisals Against Activists Women Rights Defenders Face Reprisals Over UN CEDAW Review Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment & Punishment Mistreatment of Imprisoned Journalist Continues As UN Calls for His...

Nov 6 2014 2:14PM
Individuals Detained in Mainland China for Supporting Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests

A number of Chinese citizens have faced reprisals for supporting the Hong Kong protests for universal suffrage, which began in September 2014. The occupation of several areas in the territory, including parts of its financial and...

Nov 6 2014 1:58PM
Watch List of Detainees and Prisoners of Conscience in Need of Medical Attention

Depriving medical treatment to individuals in custody is a life-threatening form of torture. Authorities’ failure or refusal to provide adequate medical care for detainees violates Chinese law and, among other international standards...