April 2014 (38)
Apr 30 2014 9:10PM
1989 Participant's Profile: Xie Jingsuo (谢京锁)

Xie Jingsuo (谢京锁), male, born on February 19, 1968, was killed at age 21, on Chang'an Boulevard, near Liubukou, in Beijing, on the morning of June 4, 1989. At the time, he was a student at the Light Industry Engineering College in...

Apr 30 2014 9:06PM
Today in 1989: more universities around the country started to boycott

more universities around the country started to boycott. #八九六四 #八九六四二五 #八九民主运动 25年前的今天(5月1日)北京高校继续罢课,北高联在北大举行中外记者招待会,提出对话原则。北大筹委会在记者会上倡议成立全国学联筹委会,并举行全国高校大罢课。上海和其它地区高校加入罢课。

Apr 29 2014 9:50PM
1989 Participant's Profile: Hao Zijing (郝致京)

Hao Zijing, Assistant Researcher, Science and Technology Policy and Management Research Institute of the Central Academy of Sciences. Hao was shot in the left side of the chest by a bullet at Muxudi shortly after 11:00 p.m. on June 3...

Apr 29 2014 9:40PM
Today in 1989: Students plan next moves

At most universities were still boycotting classes, students had turned their attentioin to planning their next oves Many students were eagerly anticipating the upcoming anniversary of May Fourth.

Apr 28 2014 10:22PM
1989 Participant's Profile: Yang Minghu (杨明湖)

Yang Minghu, male, born February 1, 1947, killed at age 42; before his death, he was a staff member of the legal department of the patent section of the China Trade Promotion Commission; before dawn, at about 2:00am on June 4, 1989, he...

Apr 28 2014 10:12PM
Today in 1989 : started a newspaper

On April 29, 1989, a "dialogue" took place, hosted by the State Council Spokesman Yuan Mu. However, it felt more of a press conference than a dialogue as Yuan Mu controlled the scene by dishing out partly-line answers. Students were...

Apr 27 2014 6:32PM
1989 Participant's Profile: Chen Laishun (陈来顺)

Chen Laishun (陈来顺) , Graduate of the photography class in 1989, Journalism Department, Chinese People's University On the night of June 3, 1989, while taking photographs on top of a building by the northwest side of the Great Hall of...

Apr 27 2014 6:20PM
Today in 1989: writers and scholars protest against Jiang Zemin’s purge of the World Economic Herald

Three dozens writers and scholars protested against Jiang Zemin’s purge of the World Economic Herald #八九六四 #八九六四二五 #89June4 25年前的今天(4月28日)北大贴出无署名大字报《几点建议》,提示学生“对话的依据是宪法和北大学生先前提出的7条要求,要达到目标,必须对7条有明确答复;正确评价此次运动,反对称之为动乱;承认学生自治组织的合法性”。...

Apr 27 2014 8:47AM
[CHRB] Sentences, Trials, Arrests in Ongoing Crackdown: A CHRD Guide (4/18-4/24/2014)

China Human Rights Briefing April 18-24, 2014 Contents Arbitrary Detention Sentences, Trials, Indictments & Arrests in the Crackdown: A CHRD Guide Special Notice Profiling New Prisoners of Conscience in China Arbitrary Detention...

Apr 26 2014 10:19PM
1989 Participant's Profile: Wang Nan (王楠)

Yuetan High School in Beijing. At 3:30 a.m. on June 4, he was killed at the south end of Nanchang Street, south of Tiananmen Square. A bullet went in from his left forehead and came out from behind his left ear. His ashes are currently...

Apr 26 2014 10:12PM
Today in 1989: April 27th March

Tens of thousands of college students in Beijing walked out of their campuses to Tiananmen,to protest against the authority’s April 26th Editorial. Crowds of people lined the route and cheered the students. Open support for their...

Apr 26 2014 11:29AM
1989 Protester's Profile: Xiao Bo(肖波)

XiaO Bo (肖波), instructor from the Chemistry Department in Beijing University,protested against People's Daily editorial on 26 April. On the night of June 3, 1989, his birthday, Xiao went to Muxudi with a view to sending the wounded...

Apr 26 2014 11:22AM
Today in 1989: Demonstrations in campuses against People's Daily April 26 editorial

People's Daily editorial and restrictions on demonstrations in Beijing were widely broadcast. Meanwhile, the 38th Army was called into Beijing,to join Beijing Garrison troops in guarding Tiananmen Square and other Party-Government...

Apr 24 2014 8:21PM
1989 Protester's Profile: Lu Chunlin (陆春林)

Lu Chunlin (陆春林), Graduate student from Philosophy Department at People's University, marched into Tiananmen and sit in there during the 1989 Pro-democracy Movement. Lu was shot dead by the martial law troops at Muxudi on the night of...

Apr 24 2014 8:12PM
Today in 1989: Free Expression » CounterPunch

The newly formed Beijing Students Autonomous Federation held its first general meeting at University of Political Science and Law. In a somewhat clandestine atmosphere, hundreds of student delegates debated on the merit of a plan to...

Apr 23 2014 8:33PM
1989 Protester's Profile: Jiang Jielian (蒋捷连)

Jiang Jielian (蒋捷连), high school student, sit in at Xinhuamen and he and other students were dispersed by police on 19 April. He joined in March into Tiananmen many times. Jiang left home at around 10:30 p.m. on June 3,1989. At about...

Apr 23 2014 8:30PM
Today in 1989 : set up students' networks around the country

Monday, April 24, 1989, was the first day of the city-wide class strike for almost all colleges in Beijing. While not going to classes, students kept themselves busy in organising their own solidarity unions while they called for...

Apr 22 2014 9:34PM
1989 Protester's Profile: Wu Guofeng (吴国峰)

Wu Guofeng (吴国峰), from Department of Industrial Economics and Management at People's University, a member of the Autonomous Union in his university, staged a hunger strike, together with 3000 other students, in Tiananmen Square. On the...

Apr 22 2014 9:22PM
Today in 1989: Students Set up first radio stations and Beijing Students Autonomous Federation

Student set up first four radio stations and more autonomous unions appeared. Student representatives from 21 universities met to set up Beijing Students Autonomous Federation

Apr 22 2014 6:25AM
Cao Shunli (曹顺利) & Her Legacy

Cao Shunli (曹顺利) & Her Legacy March 28, 1961 – March 14, 2014 “Our impact may be large, may be small, and may be nothing. But we must try. It is our duty to the dispossessed and it is the right of civil society.” Cao Shunli Activist...