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November 2013 (8)
Nov 29 2013 1:02PM
Cameron must deliver on promise of human rights advocacy with China

English version after an extract in Chinese ----start in Chinese----------- 华维藏团结会致即将访华的英国首相公开信 要求将人权问题置于首位,会见人权捍卫者,向媒体公开关于人权问题的声明,尤其直接向中共领导人提出下列问题:废除所有形式的任意拘押; 释放包括刘晓波、凯雷姆·阿不都外力(Kerem Abduweli)和所有其他良心犯; 立即批准国际公民权利和政治权利国际公约;立即废除死刑,...

Nov 27 2013 12:56PM
[CHRB] New Allegations of Torture, Lawyer for a Political Prisoner Threatened with Disbarment (11/21-11/27, 2013)

[CHRB] New Allegations of Torture, Lawyer for a Political Prisoner Threatened with Disbarment (11/21-11/27, 2013) China Human Rights Briefing November 21 – 27, 2013 Contents Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment &...

Nov 20 2013 12:55PM
[CHRB] Lawyers Warn Against Other Forms of Arbitrary Detention to Replace RTL (11/14-11/20, 2013)

China Human Rights Briefing November 14 – 20, 2013 Contents Arbitrary Detention Henan Church Leader Seized, Supporters and Family Members Beaten Tibetans in Biru County Continue to Face Crackdown Law & Policy Watch Chinese Lawyers...

Nov 17 2013 5:34PM
[CHRB] Six Months after Mental Health Law Took Effect, Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment Continues (11/8-13, 2013)

China Human Rights Briefing November 8 – 13, 2013 Special Edition China’s first Mental Health Law took effect on May 1, 2013 with the aim to regulate the mental health industry. One of the most significant provisions in the law is that...

Nov 8 2013 3:57PM
[CHRB] Arrest and Detentions in Xinjiang, Another “Black Jail” Uncovered in Beijing (11/1-7, 2013)

China Human Rights Briefing November 1 – 7, 2013 Contents Arbitrary Detention Xinjiang-Based Activist’s Arrest Confirmed After Months-Long Disappearance Petitioners Detained in Black Jails in Xinjiang & Beijing Torture and Other Cruel...

Nov 8 2013 3:56PM
Chinese Government Lacks the Qualifications for Membership on UN Human Rights Council

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders, November 7, 2013) – Chinese Human Rights Defenders is concerned that the government of China, which is seeking a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) for a third time, has clearly...

Nov 6 2013 5:56PM
Activist Chen Jianfang Disappeared, Police Raided Residence – Chinese Authorities Intensify Reprisals Ahead of UN HRC Election

(Chinese Human Rights Defender, November 4, 2013) – CHRD is deeply concerned about the safety of activist Chen Jianfang and the imminent danger of torture she faces. Shanghai-based activist Chen Jianfang has been missing for more than...

Nov 1 2013 7:10AM
[CHRB] Arrest of Cao Shunli Confirmed; Mysterious Death of Petitioner in Custody and More (10/24-31, 2013)

China Human Rights Briefing October 24 – 31, 2013 Contents Arbitrary Detention Updates on Crackdown on Peaceful Assembly, Association & Expression Lawyer Met Cao Shunli, Confirmed Arrest and Serious Illness Detained Activist Sun...