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January 2011 (8)
Jan 26 2011 7:52AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  January 19-24, 2011

Highlights Beijing Court to Hold New Hearing in Case against Artist and Activist Wu Yuren: On January 28, the Chaoyang District Court will hold a new hearing in the case against artist and activist Wu Yuren (吴玉仁), who has been charged...

Jan 20 2011 7:55AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly   January 11-18, 2011

Highlights U.S. Must Deliver on Promise of Making Human Rights the Guiding Principle of its China Policy: In a statement this week, CHRD urged President Obama to send a strong and clear public message during meetings with Chinese...

Jan 18 2011 12:57PM
U.S. Must Deliver on Promise of Making Human Rights the Guiding Principle of its China Policy

(Chinese Human RightsDefenders, January 17, 2011) In a speech beforethe United Nations last fall, President Obamaemphasized that “part of theprice of our own freedom is standing up for thefreedom of others,” statingthat “this belief...

Jan 15 2011 9:00AM
Protest Li Keqiang

伦敦华维藏人权活动人士2011年月11日到12日连续2天联合抗议李克强访英和反抗中共暴政。 华维藏同时抗议中共对藏维等地占领、对藏维等民族的镇压和人权迫害。抗议李克强在火灾和矿难中玩忽职守,抗议他造成毒奶粉扩散和掩盖输血感染艾滋病的人道危机,抗议他直接参与镇压人权捍卫者和对法轮功学员的迫害。 李克强的直接责任已导致上千人死亡,数万人被非法监禁, 他的罪责不仅没有被清查和追究, 反而在邓小平、江泽民和胡锦涛主政期间一路高升。中共体制最高产维护专制,镇压公民的刽子手...

Jan 12 2011 7:28AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly   January 4-10, 2011

Highlights Hong Kong Activist and Legislator Szeto Wah Passes Away: On January 2, Hong Kong pro-democracy legislator and activist Szeto Wah (司徒华) passed away at the age of 79. Among those honoring his memory this week were a group of...

Jan 11 2011 12:31PM
AI URGENT ACTION: torture fears for tibetan prisoner

Jigme Gyatso, a Tibetan prisoner of conscience and former monk, is suspectedto be seriously ill as a result of torture and ill-treatment in custodyin Qushui prison in the outskirts of Lhasa (in Chinese: Lasa) in the TibetAutonomous...

Jan 11 2011 12:28PM

Hada,a human rights activist from Inner Mongolia, his wife Xinna and theirson Uiles have been detained in northern China and their fate andcurrent whereabouts are unknown. Amnesty International fears they maybe subjected to enforced...

Jan 5 2011 7:37AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly   December 28, 2010 January 3, 2011

Highlights Children’s Rights and Food Safety Activist Zhao Lianhai Believed to Be Released: Zhao Lianhai (赵 连海), founder of the online advocacy group Kidney Stone Babies, has been released from prison on medical parole, according to a...