July 2010 (15)
Jul 31 2010 10:37PM
Partial List of Political Prisoners in PR China

Partial List of Political Prisoners in PR China from the US Congressional-Executive Commission on P R China

Jul 31 2010 11:21AM
AI: China convicts Uighur web managers on state security charges

Amnesty International has condemned the closed trial and conviction ofthree Uighur website managers on state security charges.Dilshat Perhat, web manager and owner of the Diyarim website wassentenced to five years by an Urumqi court in...

Jul 31 2010 11:16AM
A Public Letter by Chinese Citizens Urging the Release of Uyghur Journalist Hailaite Niyazi

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders-July 30, 2010) Agroup of Chinese lawyers and scholars have made public an open letter expressing concern about the“criminalization of speech” in the case ofUyghur journalist Hailaite Niyazi, who was...

Jul 28 2010 10:51AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  July 20-26, 2010

Highlights Uyghur Journalist Hailaite Niyazi Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison: On July 23, a court in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region sentenced journalist Hailaite Niyazi to 15 years in prison for endangering state security...

Jul 23 2010 11:01PM
China: Uighur journalist given 15-year prison term

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CHRDProtestsHarsh and Unjust Sentence for Uyghur Journalist Hailaite Niyazi

Jul 21 2010 8:26AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  July 14-19, 2010

Highlights Authorities Order Closure of Over 100 Influential Blogs: A number of well-known and widely-read scholars, lawyers, and activists had their blogs shut down simultaneously by managers at major internet portals on July 14...

Jul 14 2010 9:07AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  July 6-12, 2010

Highlights Netizens Gather in Support as Sichuan Democracy Activist Liu Xianbin is Formally Arrested for “Inciting Subversion of State Power:” On July 5, Sichuan democracy activist and human rights activist Liu Xianbin (刘贤斌) was...

Jul 9 2010 11:00PM
Six Family Members Arbitrarily Detained and Sentenced Over Their Activism

According to The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), the Chinese authorities arbitrarily detained and sentenced KarmaSamdrup and several members of his family.

Jul 8 2010 12:46AM
Polish Journalists Blacklisted, Denied Visas by China

IPI Board Member Warns of ‘Profound Harming of Press Freedom’

Jul 7 2010 8:50AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  July 1-5, 2010

Highlights Police Raid Home of Human Rights Defender Li Jinfang; Interrogate Her and Daughter: Hebei police raided the home of human rights defender Li Jinfang (李金芳) on July 1, confiscating computer equipment, human rights-related...

Jul 6 2010 11:32PM
AI URGENT ACTION: Chinese democracy activist detained: Liu Xianbin

Document – China: Chinese democracy activist detained: Liu Xianbin UA: 152/10 Index: ASA17/028/2010 China Date: 5 July 2010URGENTACTIONCHINESE DEMOCRACYACTIVIST DETAINEDLiuXianbin was detained on 28 June in Suining City, Sichuan...

Jul 5 2010 11:16PM
The Uyghur voice: 2009-10, and beyond

'The Uyghur voice: 2009-10, and beyond' by Henryk Szadziewski summarizes Uyghur's conditions since the bloodshed in Shaoguan and Urumqi.

Jul 3 2010 9:03AM
China: New testimonies reinforce call for Xinjiang riot investigation

Amnesty International is urging the Chinese government to launch an independentinvestigation into last year’s riots in the Xinjiang Uighur AutonomousRegion, after new testimony obtained by the organisation has cast furtherdoubt on the...

Jul 1 2010 10:45PM
Human Rights Defender Li Jinfang Summoned by Police, Home Raided and Property Confiscated

(ChineseHumanRightsDefenders, July 1, 2010) Fifteenpolice officers raided the Xianghe County, Hebei Province home of humanrightsdefender Li Jinfang (李金芳)thisafternoon,confiscating74 items, including human rights-relateddocuments...

Jul 1 2010 8:33AM
China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  June 22-30, 2010

Highlights Sichuan Democracy Activist Liu Xianbin Criminally Detained for “Inciting Subversion of State Power:” Having already served two jail terms for his activism, the most recent lasting nearly a decade, Sichuan democracy activist...