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February 2010 (17)
Feb 26 2010 11:51PM
Hunger Strike by Death Row Inmates Underlines Use of Torture, Failure of Courts

(ChineseHuman Rights Defenders- February 26, 2010) CHRDhas learned that three death row inmates are staging a hunger strike inaJiangxi prison to draw attention to their convictions, which have beenuphelddespite a lack of evidence and...

Feb 26 2010 8:25AM
China Human Rights Briefing 25 February 2010

Headlines Beijing Police Meet With Artists Following 2/22 Protest, Discuss Forced Evictions Shenzhen Detention Center Repeatedly Denies Visits for Xue Mingkai, Imprisoned for “Subversion” Kunming Dissident Questioned over Support for...

Feb 25 2010 9:00AM
China Human Rights Briefing 24 February 2010

Headlines Hunan Activist Sent to Two Years of RTL for Investigating Death of Official Sichuan Democracy Activist to Be Released after Lengthy Prison Terms Officials Transfer Activist Huang Qi to Prison without Notifying Family Guizhou...

Feb 24 2010 8:54AM
China Human Rights Briefing 23  February 2010

Headlines Government Memo Asks Universities to Block Student Participation in Oxfam Trainings Beijing Lawyer Li Zhuang, Imprisoned for Fabricating Evidence, Has License Revoked More Petitioners Detained Ahead of NPC, CPPCC Meetings...

Feb 23 2010 8:13AM
China Human Rights Briefing  20-22 February 2010

Headlines Artists March on Chang’an Avenue to Protest against Forced Eviction Site Devoted to Academic Exchange Blocked Jiangsu Woman Convicted in First “Anti- Forced Eviction” Murder Case Chongqing Petitioner-Turned-Activist Zhong...

Feb 17 2010 8:34AM
China Human Rights Briefing 16 February 2010

Headlines Guangxi Villagers Injured by Hired Criminals for Challenging Construction Project Detained Petitioner Suffers Allergic Reaction in Black Jail Netizens Create Postcards to Send to Imprisoned Activists for Chinese New Year...

Feb 16 2010 10:31AM
China Human Rights Briefing 12-15 February 2010

Headlines Shanghai Activist Tong Guojing Sent to RTL on Eve of Chinese New Year Feng Zhenghu Returns Home Beijing Police Break up Food Distribution for Stranded Petitioners, Briefly Detain Volunteer Many Workers Injured, One Critically...

Feb 13 2010 8:27PM
Moving Towards Universal Suffrage: Functional Constituencies Must Be Abolished in Hong Kong

Please join in Signature Campaign: Moving Towards Universal Suffrage

Feb 11 2010 8:49PM
Jail Sentence Upheld for Activist Liu Xiaobo

(Chinese Human Rights Defenders,February 11, 2010) – CHRD learnedtoday that the Beijing Municipal High Court rejected the appeal of LiuXiaobo (刘晓波), China’sbest-known dissident intellectual and humanrights activist. Liu was convicted...

Feb 11 2010 8:45AM
Shenzhen Worker Sentenced to 1.5 Years for Subversion of State Power

The Shenzhen Intermediate Court declaredtwenty-year old migrant worker Xue Mingkai (薛明凯) guilty of"subversion of state power" in a public hearing on February 10 andsentenced him to one and a half years in prison. Xue was tried...

Feb 10 2010 7:39AM
Activist Tan Zuoren Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Inciting Subversion

(ChineseHuman Rights Defenders- February 9, 2010) TanZuoren (谭作人),human rights activist and environmentalist, wassentenced today to five years in prison with an additional three years’deprivation of political rights for “inciting...

Feb 9 2010 8:03AM
Tan Zuoren sentenced to 5 years in prison

Tan Zuoren has been sentenced to 5 years in prison, plus 3 years'deprivation of political rights for his quake investigation and essays he wrote aboutthe 1989 demonstrations in Tiananmen Square that ended in a deadly militarycrackdown...

Feb 5 2010 9:05AM
China Human Rights Briefing 4 February 2010

Headlines Chongqing Workers’ Rights Activist Administratively Detained Shanghai Activist Liu Yiliang Seized by Police, Held for Two Days as Warning Appeals Hearing for Li Zhuang Concludes Following Surprising Change of Plea Jiangsu...

Feb 4 2010 5:32PM

Zhao Lianhai, a man seekingjustice for families affected by a tainted milk powder scandal in 2008,was detained on 13 November and is now in custody awaiting trial in Beijing.He is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. Zhao...

Feb 4 2010 10:26AM
China Human Rights Briefing 3 February 2010

Headlines Author Liao Yiwu Once Again Prevented from Leaving China Two Jiangsu Residents Seriously Injured in Forced Eviction Liu Xiaobo Nominated for Peace Prize by Prominent International Figures Freedom of Movement Author Liao Yiwu...

Feb 3 2010 9:59AM
China Human Rights Briefing 2 February  2010

Headlines Beijing’s Yitong Law Firm Remains Closed after Ten Months Lawyer Li Zhuang’s Appeals Hearing Held in Chongqing Four More Petitioners Discovered to Be Detained in Guangxi LegalRights Beijing’sYitong Law Firm Remains Closed...

Feb 2 2010 8:26AM
China Human Rights Briefing Ist February  2010

Headlines Beijing Dissidents Cha Jianguo and Gao Hongming Subjected to Soft Detention Six Injured in Clash between Developer and Landholders in Guangxi Draft of New Regulations Regarding Forced Evictions Released Revision of...