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July 2009 (15)
Jul 31 2009 10:55AM
DUP should take part in Belfast Pride parade

The First Minister and DUP leader Peter Robinson has been making a bid for his party's representatives to have seats on the Equality Commission when they come up for appointment later this year. If the DUP want to be taken seriously on...

Jul 28 2009 9:47AM
Seven Jewish Children

Last Thursday and Friday I went to see Mirrorball, a drama group from Rathmelton, Donegal, perform Caryl Churchills controversial play "Seven Jewish Children". The play was perfomed by a cross border cast from L'Derry and Donegal and...

Jul 25 2009 3:08PM
Iranian beauty (in Belfast)

With her green silk headscarf, designer sunglasses and classic Persian features, she was every inch the Iranian beauty. Yet when the UTV camera crew hoved into view, she moved off to the side. When Donal, our photographer for the day...

Jul 20 2009 10:19AM
Sotomayor takes on torture

Sonia Sotomayor, the soon-to-be-confirmed, Obama-nominated US Supreme Court judge, has been the subject of much debate in the American (and indeed local) blogosphere. Is she liberal, conservative, pro-choice, anti-death penalty...

Jul 19 2009 4:46PM
War crimes and the White House

New revelations have emerged from Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) that the Bush White House may have helped to cover up a reported massacre in Afghanistan in 2001 by a CIA-payrolled warlord. Using forensic analysis and satellite...

Jul 17 2009 6:07AM
No Room for Complacency in Northern Ireland's Transition to Peace

As another 12th of July passes marking the busiest part of the marching season, the people of Northern Ireland have watched as parts of the country have once again descended into widespread sectarian rioting and attacks against the...

Jul 17 2009 2:48AM
Moonshot: the shame of the lunar landings

As NASA's PR machine gears up to mark the fortieth anniversary of the moon landings, it's time to take an alternative look (also see previous blog: 'Moonwalk this: rockets or rickets?') at this stunning human achievement. It's my view...

Jul 16 2009 3:58AM
Breaking the Silence on War Crimes.

When yesterdays report by Israeli NGO "Breaking the Silence" was released it was another report confirming the findings of the Amnesty report "Operation Cast Lead 22 Days of Death and Destruction." Both reports found a disproportionate...

Jul 14 2009 5:08PM
Omagh: the cover-up continues?

This blog has previously noted the suspicious shadow cast over intelligence about the Omagh bombing. There is little doubt who caused the death of 29 people and two unborn children – the 'dissident' republican paramilitary group known...

Jul 14 2009 6:23AM
Immigration Minister's woeful reply to policy criticisms

The Immigration Minister’s failure to engage with genuine criticisms of new immigration controls betrays his appeasement of the far right minority and constitutes a failure for freedom of expression, cultural association and freedom of...

Jul 10 2009 7:23AM
Hi-tech advert challenges domestic violence

Amnesty International is using the latest in advertising technology to challenge the scourge of domestic violence. This Amnesty bus stop advertisement, recently erected in Hamburg, changes whether or not someone's looking at it. Using...

Jul 7 2009 2:27PM
Huge payout as police suspend Taser use

Will the outgoing Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde leave a multi-million pound, Taser-sized headache behind for his successor and the NI Policing Board? That could be the prospect facing the new PSNI chief following the settlement of a...

Jul 6 2009 8:20AM
Moonwalk this: rockets or rickets?

There was a fascinating footnote to last night's BBC4 programme, Man on the Moon, which told the story of the US space programme and the billions spent to put a man on the moon before the Soviets. On the eve of the Apollo 11 mission...

Jul 1 2009 9:08AM
Public support soars for NI Bill of Rights

A whopping 83% of people in Northern Ireland now think that a Bill of Rights is important for the region. That's the finding of a survey published today by the Human Rights Consortium, a campaign coalition which Amnesty International...

Jul 1 2009 2:05AM
Israeli Navy rams peace boat: NI Nobel laureate seized

My old friend, former colleague and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire was among the peace and justice activists aboard a Greek cargo ship intercepted, rammed and boarded by the Israeli navy yesterday. The Amnesty office in...