Iranian beauty (in Belfast)

With her green silk headscarf, designer sunglasses and classic Persian features, she was every inch the Iranian beauty.

Yet when the UTV camera crew hoved into view, she moved off to the side.

When Donal, our photographer for the day, caught her in his lens, she asked that the pictures be deleted.

This was the Belfast end of the Global Day of Action for Iran, and our camera-shy human rights protestor was worried what might happen if she could be identified by the authorities back home whenever she returns to live in Tehran.

Understandable, really, given that many hundreds, and possibly thousands, have been jailed for taking part in protests following the disputed election results in Iran. At least twenty-one – and possibly many more, have been killed by the authorities.

That's why we gathered today in Belfast – and over a hundred other cities worldwide – in an international show of solidarity with the courageous Iranian protestors and in a stand for their human rights.

Iranian politics are a matter for the Iranian people. But the fundamental human rights of the Iranian people are a legitimate matter for us all. What has been happening on the streets of Iranian cities is a violation of international human rights standards.

Nobel Prize winner Mairead Maguire was there – looking none the worse for her Israeli jail ordeal. So were members of the Baha'i community – a much persecuted minority faith group in Iran – and a number of Iranian exiles deeply concerned for the country they have had to leave behind.

There's a report on the protest at BBC News online, while there are more pictures on our Amnesty NI flickr site.

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