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December 2007 (6)
Dec 21 2007 11:35AM
No justice for the victims of Omagh bombing

Sir Ronnie Flanagan, former Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (and, subsequently, the Police Service of Northern Ireland) infamously once declared that he "would publicly commit suicide" if he believed the findings...

Dec 19 2007 8:45PM
Bill of Rights campaign goes online

The Human Rights Consortium launched its new website today, just in time for a crucial twelve months in the long-running campaign for a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights. I spoke briefly at the launch event for the new site at...

Dec 17 2007 12:46PM
Person of the Year 2007

Who's your human rights Person of the Year 2007? Kate Allen (Director of AIUK) successfully nominated Anas el-Banna for the New Statesman version of the Person of the Year 2007 award. Anas is a truly heroic 11 year-old boy who has just...

Dec 13 2007 6:08PM
Whose liberties?

Human rights lawyer, John Fitzpatrick, gave an inspiring talk on 11 December 2007 at Belfast Exposed Photography . : Taking Liberties? Immigration Policy and the Law. The gallery, as Patrick advertised in his recent post on this blog...

Dec 11 2007 8:37AM
Tasers: what the lawyers told the Chief Constable

I previously reported how PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde had decided to ignore the advice of the Equality Commission to conduct a proper equality impact assessment before deploying Tasers in Northern Ireland. This followed his...

Dec 6 2007 1:21PM
Taking Liberties: Immigration Policy and the Law

Local photography gallery and community initiative, Belfast Exposed, has a great looking event happening next Tuesday 11 December, when they welcome "human rights lawyer John Fitzpatrick to a public discussion in the gallery to talk...