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2010 (30)
Dec 9 2010 9:28AM
TUC international development strategy: how human rights fit in

The TUC is launching a new international development strategy today (9 December) and human rights will play a key role in the strategy – especially freedom of association. Global solidarity, global justice sets out the TUC's goals for...

Dec 8 2010 10:01AM
Iran: Farzad Kamangar, (part 3) Solidarity

This is the third of three postings about Kamangar’s case, which looks at solidarity in his case. In the first posting you will find Amnesty’s appeal and a link to our online action. In the second posting you will find Farzad’s account...

Nov 13 2010 2:19PM
Iran continues to repress trade unions

The bus workers' union in Tehran is one of the few independent unions in Iran, and it faces continual harassment by the authorities. Union leaders Mansour Osanloo (an Amnesty prisoner of conscience), Ebrahim Madadi and Reza Shahabi...

Nov 4 2010 12:09AM
Kenyan tea leaf lay offs: multinationals kill jobs while government attacks unions

The TUC has complained to the Kenyan High Commissioner about worrying developments in the Kenyan tea industry. First, multinational companies introduced tea leaf picking machines that have destroyed a staggering 80,000 jobs. Second...

Oct 31 2010 1:08PM
World AIDS Day TUC seminar

There are 33 million people with HIV/AIDS around the world, nine tenths of whom are of working age, and many more with caring responsibilities for family members with HIV/AIDS. So AIDS is a workplace issue and a union issue. This year...

Aug 2 2010 2:19PM
UPDATE: Cuban prisoner abused in US jail

UPDATE The Cuba Solidarity Campaign reports that Gerardo Hernandez has been returned to the general prison population, as we were demanding. ORIGINAL ARTICLE The TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to US Secretary of State...

Jul 31 2010 12:56PM
Keep campaigning for Cameroonian journalist

FURTHER UPDATE – Monday night Charles was NOT deported today and has been reprieved for the moment, but things could get worse at any time. The NUJ have reported on the latest developments. UPDATE: Channel 4 jumped the gun – Charles...

Jul 25 2010 9:44AM
UPDATE: Saeed Torabian freed but other Iranian bus workers remain in jail

It's good news for once, but it's not all good news. Saeed Torabian, the Publicity Director of the Vahed Bus Workers' Union in Tehran, has been freed after 42 days in jail on trumped up charges of acting against national security and...

Jul 24 2010 1:05AM
Saddam's successors use Saddam's laws to close down trade unions

The news from Iraq this week has not been good. After weeks of popular protest against power cuts which led in some cases to deaths and injuries at the hands of the police, Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani was given the Electricity...

Jul 22 2010 11:23PM
Media freedom and disappearance in the Gambia

Today the TUC, Amnesty International and the International Federation of Journalists took part in a global day of action in favour of press freedom in the Gambia, and to call for the Gambian authorities to release journalist Ebrima...

Jul 19 2010 2:30PM
Asylum rights for LGBT refugees

For years, we’ve been pressing the Government to be more helpful to people seeking asylum because their sexual orientation or gender identity have put their lives or liberty in danger. A couple of weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled...

Jun 16 2010 2:03AM
Iran: trade unionists being rounded up around election anniversary

As well as the latest Urgent Action for Iranian bus workers union leaders Saeed Torabian and Reza Shahabi, global teacher union Education International reports on a death penalty, arrests and prison beatings. Iranian trade unions are...

Jun 14 2010 4:07PM
Trade union murders in Colombia continue

The Geneva-based UN body the International Labour Organisation has decided to send a High Level Tripartite Mission to Colombia to investigate why the death rate amongst trade unionists hasn't fallen. This week the TUC has protested...

Jun 6 2010 10:31AM
Colombia: more murdered trade unionists

Colombia goes to the polls in the final round of its Presidential elections on 20 June, and the retirement of President Uribe means that there will inevitably be a new President elected. But one thing doesn't change, despite the claims...

May 30 2010 1:13AM
Colombia: UN special rapporteur slams record on impunity

Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world to be a trade unionist, but the Colombian Government denies this. The European Union has been negotiating a trade deal with Colombia for several months, in a move which will be seen...

May 11 2010 6:55PM
Was Sipho Jele murdered in a Swazi police cell?

In the bad old days of apartheid South Africa, protestors would often "commit suicide" or suffer "accidental death" in police custody. Steve Biko was probably the most famous victim. Now it seems those days are back, just across the...

May 11 2010 2:57AM
Iranian thugs kill teacher trade unionist

Farzad Kamangar was, like me, a trade unionist. He was also a teacher and a political activist. And on Sunday, the Iranian Government executed him for those so-called 'crimes' (although they called it 'enmity against God'). He was a 35...

Apr 12 2010 3:01PM
Union getting active? Just 'transfer' the leaders to Siberia

Imagine that no one in your workplace has been paid overtime since 2007, and that all new jobs coming up are being filled by your boss’s family. You present a collective complaint to management. You show up at work the next day to...

Apr 4 2010 4:56PM
Sixth teacher trade unionist killed in Colombia in just three months

Teacher trade unionists are being murdered in Colombia – the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist – every fortnight this year. Despite Colombian Government claims that the situation is improving, the latest murder...

Apr 4 2010 1:23PM
Seher Tumer: in jail in Turkey for speaking up for workers and women

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to the Turkish Ambassador calling for an urgent appeal hearing for Seher Tümer, a member of the executive board of KESK's Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) in Ankara. Seher...