Iranian thugs kill teacher trade unionist

Farzad Kamangar was, like me, a trade unionist. He was also a teacher and a political activist. And on Sunday, the Iranian Government executed him for those so-called 'crimes' (although they called it 'enmity against God'). He was a 35 year old husband whose own wife and mother weren't able to say goodbye because the Iranian regime didn't have the decency to let them know until he was dead.

Some people still apologise for the Iranian regime, but they are in reality nothing more than murderous thugs, killing anyone who stands in their way. You can find out more about how Iran treats trade unionists at the Justice for Iranian Workers website.

And you can see the start of the trade union protest about Farzad Kamangar's judicial murder on the TUC, ITUC and EI websites. Over the next few days, these protests will grow worldwide, and individual actions will be encouraged.

Farzad Kamangar did not deserve to be arrested, tried, tortured or killed. His death is yet another stain on the reputation of the Iranian Government. We will not let his death be forgotten.

 Owen Tudor

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