Colombia: more murdered trade unionists

Colombia goes to the polls in the final round of its Presidential elections on 20 June, and the retirement of President Uribe means that there will inevitably be a new President elected. But one thing doesn't change, despite the claims of the Colombian Government – the murders of trade unionists continue.

In the first four months of 2010, twenty-five trade unionists were murdered, and two more were murdered in May. Leslien Blanco, a teacher affiliated to ASINORT, was murdered on her way to work; and Francisco Abello, who had taken part in a successful 67 day strike for the recognition of the agricultural workers' union SINTRAINAGRO, was murdered on 17 May.

The TUC has protested to the Colombian Ambassador in London, as the ITUC has done to the President. US trade unionist Jeff Vogt explains how Francisco's death resulted directly from his trade union activity.

Colombia's Government needs to turn over a new leaf, giving a higher priority to protecting trade unionists and ensuring that they are able to go about their business of representing workers.

Owen Tudor 


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