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Young Trans People

Trans rights are human rights

Trans people face discrimination and violence in society simply for being who they are.

The 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA) was a milestone for the human rights of trans people in the UK. It enabled people to change their legal gender. Fifteen years on, however, it is clear that the law does not go far enough. It fails to protect young trans people and people with non-binary identities – that is, identities other than male or female. This is one of the main reasons that since 2019 the UK has slipped from third to ninth best country in Europe for LGBT equality.

Amnesty International UK campaigns alongside the charities Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence for the rights of trans children and young people. They provide services, resources and training to change the realities of young trans people. We are calling for a reformed GRA based on self-determination, recognition of non-binary gender identities, and for this to be available to children and young people. Every person deserves the respect and dignity of being recognised as who they say they are.

For Amnesty local groups

Many small things you can do would make a big difference and make your local group more trans-inclusive:

  • Read and share the pocket guide you received with this booklet.
  • Include either the trans-inclusive Pride flag or some words in your communications to show that you welcome trans people. For example: ‘Our local Amnesty group is a trans-friendly space: everyone is welcome.’
  • Encourage everyone to give their preferred pronouns when introducing themselves, so that members of your group who prefer gender-neutral pronouns, such as ‘they’ or ‘ze’, feel included when they say theirs.
  • Distribute the LGBTQ+ window stickers to local businesses so that trans people in your area feel welcome when they go in.

Send an appeal letter

Call on the next Women and Equalities Minister to reform the Gender Recognition Act.

Write to:

Trans Rights Campaign
c/o Amnesty International UK
The Human Rights Action Centre
17-25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA

Salutation: Dear Minister


  1. Trans people have a right to live free from discrimination and the UK’s Gender Recognition Act currently fails to ensure this.
  2. The Act should be brought into line with human rights standards: this means recognition for young trans people and ending the medical requirement for gender recognition.
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