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Young trans people face huge challenges where their very identity is questioned. UK laws make life even harder. We need a new system that lets them legally register their true gender identity.

Ask the Women and Equalities Minister to change the law.

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Trans people in the UK were finally allowed to have the gender they identify as legally recognised in 2004 thanks to a landmark law called the Gender Recognition Act (GRA).

But 15 years on it’s clear the law doesn’t go far enough.

Young trans people aren’t allowed to register their true gender identities until they’re 18. This is one of the main reasons why since 2019 the UK has slipped from the third to ninth best country in Europe for LGBTI equality.

We need a new system that allows all trans people to legally register their true gender, including those who are non-binary, regardless of their age.

Without this reform, young trans people will continue to have their right to identity violated. The state will continue to indirectly tell young trans people that they are not fully believed and not fully seen.

Without reform, these children are made to indirectly disclose their gender history in our schools, GP surgeries and hospital, exposing them to an increased risk of discrimination.

That’s why we’re fighting alongside the charities Mermaids and Gendered Intelligence for the rights of young trans people. They provide services, resources and training to change the lives of young trans people for the better. 

Everyone has the right to be who they say they are. So we want a new law that will let young trans people legally register their true gender identity.

Agree? Ask the Women and Equalities Minister to reform the Gender Recognition Act.

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