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Abused online for defending women's rights

Seyi Akiwowo is a women’s rights activist who received a wave of online abuse after a video of her speaking at the European Parliament went viral.

She reported more than 75 instances of abusive posts to social media companies, including Twitter. But Twitter failed to acknowledge or respond to her reports at the time.

Seyi decided to speak out about the abuse in the media, and eventually Twitter suspended some of the accounts targeting her. She went on to launch Glitch, a not-for-profit organisation devoted to ending online abuse.

Violence and abuse against women online is widespread in the UK, with one in five women polled by Amnesty and Ipsos MORI saying they had suffered abuse or harassment on social media. Despite the scale of the problem, companies like Twitter are failing to act.

Show Seyi support for her work building a safe space online for us all. Send her a message of solidarity today. Or write to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, telling him why Twitter needs to be a safer space for women.

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