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Death threats for protecting her community

Nonhle is part of the Amadiba community who’ve lived for centuries in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

For over a decade she’s led a peaceful struggle against a company that wants to mine on her people’s ancestral land. For this she’s faced intimidation, harassment and death threats. A fellow campaigner has been killed.

Around 5,000 Amadiba people face losing their homes, livelihoods and way of life if Mineral Resource Commodities is granted a licence to mine titanium on their land.

Nonhle co-founded the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC), an organisation that defends the community’s land rights. In March 2016 the chair was told that he and Nonhle were on a ‘hit list’. Shortly after, he was shot dead outside his house.

Together we can show Nonhle that she’s got thousands of people on her side. Will you join us today?

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