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Speaking up for disability rights

Gulzar Duishenova lost the movement in her legs after being in a car accident with a drunk driver in 2002. The next year her husband died suddenly, leaving her a single mum to two young children.

Now, using her own personal experiences, she helps disabled people in Kyrgyzstan live with dignity and respect.

When Gulzar met other people living with disabilities in the capital, Bishkek, she realised they faced common problems. Like how it’s so hard to find a job when workplaces aren’t adapted for wheelchairs, and how embarrassing it feels to rely on other people to lift you on to the bus.

Gulzar regularly meets officials, organises training for bus drivers, and campaigns on social media. But it’s a daily struggle in a society where women aren’t meant to speak out – and people with disabilities are seen as ‘invalids’ with an incurable disease.

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