Yemeni LGBTQI+ rights defender arrested

Mohamed al-Bokari
days left to take action

The Saudi Arabian authorities have continued to escalate the repression of the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, including in their crackdown on online expression. They harass, arbitrarily detain and prosecute government critics, human rights defenders and anyone who dares to express themselves freely.

In November 2019, an official announcement and promotional video published by Saudi Arabia’s state security agency categorized feminism, homosexuality and atheism as “extremist ideas”, punishable by jail and flogging. While the state security agency issued a clarification that the definition of extremism in the video “contained many mistakes”, leading feminists and women human rights defenders in the country remain detained and prosecuted for their human rights work. 

Prior to his arrest, Mohamed al-Bokari’s residency permit in Saudi Arabia had expired. He is currently at risk of being deported back to Yemen, his homeland which he fled after having receiving death threats from armed groups following his defence of personal liberties and human rights. Mohamed al-Bokari also survived an abduction attempt, after which he left Yemen to seek safety in Saudi Arabia.

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