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LGBTI (516)
May 16 2024 6:37pm
Thailand: State-backed digital abuse used to silence women and LGBTI activists - new report
Evidence points to Thai government’s involvement in use of highly-inva...
May 16 2024 12:58pm
UK: Government's 'dangerous' sex education proposal puts an entire generation 'in peril'
Government has announced Relationships, Sex and Health Education curri...
Mar 1 2024 2:49pm
Hong Kong: Transgender activist in danger of being sent back to mainland China
Lai Ke was detained in a psychiatric centre throughout her sentence an...
Feb 9 2024 5:32pm
Yemen: Huthi authorities sentence seven to stoning and two to crucifixion for homosexual 'crimes'
Separately, 13 students sentenced to death for ‘spreading homosexualit...
Feb 7 2024 5:01pm
UK: Rishi Sunak's PMQs trans jibe was 'sickening'
Responding to comments by Rishi Sunak during prime minister’s question...
Jan 9 2024 12:01am
Africa: LGBTI people face 'relentless' oppression after surge in discriminatory laws - new briefing
Last year saw a new wave of harsh anti-LGBTI legislation across Africa...
Dec 18 2023 1:49pm
The Fight for Human Rights in 2023
Although 2023 has felt, at times, to be a bleak year for human rights,...
Nov 30 2023 6:23pm
Russia: Supreme Court's 'extremist' label for LGBTQ+ groups condemned
Ruling recognises as ‘extremist’ an undefined ‘international public LG...
Nov 17 2023 7:52pm
Russia: Move to label LGBT movement extremist opens floodgates to persecution
If enacted any LGBTI person in Russia would be at the mercy of arbitra...
Oct 25 2023 1:12pm
Japan: Court makes 'landmark decision' ruling surgery not required for legal gender change
In response to the Supreme Court of Japan’s ruling that a law requirin...