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1984 - Guinea Prisons
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On 25 March, a suspected government intelligence agent, claiming to be a journalist, was identified during a FNDC press conference at PADES party headquarters in Ratoma by FNDC members. FNDC members, including Saïkou Yaya Diallo secured the suspected government intelligence agent in an office and asked her why she was there and who had sent her. Saïkou Yaya Diallo called a bailiff to establish the presence of the intelligence agent. FNDC members said that she would be released after the press conference to avoid the crowd outside, fearing that she would be lynched by opposition activists in retaliation to the killing of 12 people by security forces following controversial elections in the week before. 

The police subsequently raided the headquarters of the PADES. 11 individuals including Aicha Barry, spokesperson for the women’s branch of the FNDC, were arrested. She was charged with “sequestration, violence and assault”. She was released after eight days in detention at Judicial Police Directorate under judicial supervision. 
According to the director general of the police interviewed by online news website Mediaguiné, the suspected government intelligence agent is neither a police or intelligence agent but administrative officer working at the Ministry of Security.

Leaders of pro-democracy movements and scores of protestors have been arrested and sentenced since 2019. On 22 October 2019, the Tribunal of Dixinn found Abdourahamane Sano, Alpha Soumah (alias Bill de Sam), Ibrahima Diallo, Bailo Barry and Sékou Koundouno guilty of “direct incitement to an unarmed gathering”. Sano was sentenced to a year in prison and the others to six months. They were released on bail on 28 November 2019 pending their appeal.

On 7 March, Ibrahima Diallo and Sékou Koundono, pro-democracy activists of FNDC, were arrested in Conakry. On the day prior to their arrest, they were spokespersons at a press conference during which they accused Commissioner Fabou Camara, director of the Central Direction of the Judicial Police, of phone tapping, torture and other ill-treatment. On 9 March, they were charged with trumped up charges of assaulting a public officer and production and dissemination of data threatening public order and security. They were released on 13 March, but they still face charges and both remain under judicial supervision.

On 17 April, pro-democracy activist Oumar Sylla, alias Foniké Mengué, was arrested in front of his house in Conakry by Banditry Repression Brigade officers. Prior to his arrest, he spoke in a radio show during which he called for protest and accused members of the government and ruling party of killings, torture and other ill-treatment, and arbitrary detention. He was initially detained for one day in “villa 40’’, the office of the General Intelligence Directorate, then transferred to the Judicial Police Directorate. On 24 April he was charged with dissemination of false information.

FNDC are speaking out against a third presidential term, following changes made to the constitution by President Alpha Condé. On the day of his arrest, Saïkou Yaya Diallo was planning to participate in a radio show regarding the complaint filed by the FNDC against the President Alpha Condé.

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