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Guinea (13)
Jan 6 2021 4:23pm
Urgent Action outcome: Guinean pro-democracy activist is free
Saïkou Yaya Diallo, the legal coordinator of the National Front for th...
Jan 14 2020 11:52am
Outcome: Activists arrested for protesting released
Five pro-democracy activists, Alseny Farinta Camara, Moussa Sanoh, Bou...
Dec 23 2019 3:02pm
Guinea: Five activists in detention
Five pro-democracy activists, Alseny Farinta Camara, Moussa Sanoh, Bou...
Nov 19 2010 12:00am
Guinea unrest: Authorities must stop unlawful arrests and killings
Amnesty International is calling on the Guinean authorities to stop a ...
Feb 24 2010 6:06pm
Victims of Bloody Monday Massacre must see justice prevail
Guinea is one African country which is rarely reported on. So last Sep...
Feb 24 2010 12:00am
Guinea: New report reveals foreign weapons and training behind 'Bloody Monday' massacre
Guinea risks a new era of human rights violations if urgent reforms of...
Dec 22 2009 12:05pm
UN report on massacre in Guinea
The Guardian reports today that UN investigators have looked into the ...
Dec 3 2009 12:00am
Guinea: Fresh reports of sexual violence during September massacre and 'climate of fear'
Amnesty International’s recent research mission to Guinea has revealed...
Oct 26 2009 5:12pm
More arms to abusers
Have a look at this clip from French TV channel TF1 (about 20 minutes ...
Oct 26 2009 12:00am
Amnesty reveals evidence of military equipment from UK-owned subsidiary company used in brutal Guinea
The organisation calls for freeze on transfers to Guinea of weapons us...