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Victims of Bloody Monday Massacre must see justice prevail

Guinea is one African country which is rarely reported on. So last September’s bloody protests took much of the international media by surprise as they witnessed how scores of people were killed and hundreds were attacked by security forces during protests. In fact more than 150 people were killed and more than 40 women raped during the September ‘Bloody Monday’ massacre.

Today Amnesty published a shocking new report which revealed how France and South Africa along with other countries provided weapons and training for Guinea’s security forces.  The report also warned of the possibility of a new wave of human rights violations taking place unless the perpetrators of last September’s abuses are brought to justice and reforms take place.

The report also includes alarming testimonies from some of the victims of sexual violence.

Since the massacre took place, Amnesty has persistently urged the government of Guinea to provide justice for the victims and to ensure that the perpetrators are held to account.

We called for it in September and we’re calling for it today.  We’ll continue calling for it until we hear that significant progress has been made.

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