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Killings and Disappearances (247)
Nov 1 2021 9:49am
Urgent Action Outcome: Refugees At Risk Of Forcible Return Released
Lebanese authorities have released three Syrian refugees, Ahmad Al Wak...
Oct 29 2021 2:50pm
Sudan: Military leaders must stop bloodshed at protests and fully investigate killings
At least six men killed and 140 wounded; more protests planned tomorro...
Sep 20 2021 6:21pm
Rwanda: numerous fair trial concerns in Paul Rusesabagina case
Hotelier turned opposition politician given 25-year jail sentence  ...
Sep 16 2021 12:36pm
Philippines: International Criminal Court's investigation into drugs killings welcomed
Prosecutor asked to investigate crimes against humanity during Duterte...
Aug 31 2021 2:32pm
Russia: European Court ruling in Estemirova case exposes 'cynical inaction' of authorities
Natalia Estemirova, investigator for NGO Memorial in Chechnya, murdere...
Aug 24 2021 5:37pm
Afghanistan: UN Human Rights Council session a shameful failure
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and others had called for robust...
Aug 5 2021 5:03pm
Egypt: 'deeply disturbing' propaganda video shows military killings
Celebratory footage of Egyptian military’s North Sinai operations show...
Jun 4 2021 9:14am
Cambodia: Thai satirist still missing after one year - new investigation needed
Wanchalearm Satsaksit was last seen in Phnom Penh in June 2020 Thai...
Mar 6 2021 5:59pm
Friends & Families of Syria’s Disappeared Develop a Roadmap for Justice
Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan In the autumn of 2019, Syrian survi...