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Killings and Disappearances (238)
Mar 6 2021 5:59pm
Friends & Families of Syria’s Disappeared Develop a Roadmap for Justice
Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan In the autumn of 2019, Syrian survi...
Mar 4 2021 1:06pm
Egypt: mother and baby were forcibly disappeared for two years
University lecturer snatched from her home in Alexandria in 2019, rece...
    Feb 24 2021 12:43pm
    Conviction of former Syrian official in Germany for crimes against humanity 'historic victory for justice'
    ‘We call on more states to follow Germany’s example by investigating a...
      Jan 10 2021 11:59pm
      USA: Joe Biden must close Guantánamo - new report
      Joe Biden pledged to close the camp as Vice-President 40 people sti...
        Aug 30 2020 12:01am
        Burundi: Journalist Jean Bigirimana now missing 1,500 days
        On International Day of the Disappeared, Amnesty International is call...
          Jun 25 2020 3:21pm
          “If they can kill Berta Cáceres, they can kill anyone”
          Written by Sheila Royce - Country Coordinator Berta Cáceres, tenaci...
          May 18 2020 7:11pm
          Syrian Torture Trial in Koblenz, Germany - Part 1
          Part one: The Arrival of the Torturers   By Mansour Omari I arri...
          May 5 2020 3:46pm
          Philippines: threat against broadcaster ABS-CBN is 'dark day for media freedom'
          Broadcaster has aired investigative reports on extrajudicial execution...
            May 2 2020 9:23pm
            Syrian Torture Trial in Koblenz, Germany - Part 2
            The Colonel Unarmed 27 April 2020 By Mansour Omari Anwar Rasl...
            Apr 14 2020 3:01pm
            Syrian Torture Trial in Koblenz, Germany - Part 3
            Looking into the eyes of a torturer  Mansour Omari Now the Colon...