China (1175)
Nov 26 2018 11:43am
Urgent Action: Workers arrested for trying to set up trade union
Three factory workers and an NGO worker have been arrested for attempt...
Nov 26 2018 10:58am
Urgent Action update: NGO worker prison visit denied for months
Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che, the first foreign NGO worker detained...
Nov 6 2018 3:58pm
Urgent Action update: Poor medical treatment for detained activist in China
Huang Qi, founder and director of Sichuan-based human rights website “...
Nov 6 2018 12:27pm
Party Empire: China's Political System and Its Influence on UN’s Human Rights Mechanisms
On Tuesday November 6th, the UN Human Rights Council will review China...
Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
Google: Drop Project Dragonfly
Oct 23 2018 2:45pm
Urgent Action: Uighur man in UAE faces forcible return to China
Abudujilili Supi, a Uighur man who has been working as a muezzin – a l...
Oct 22 2018 3:06pm
Urgent Action: Chinese refugees at risk of refoulement from Thailand
Chinese human rights defenders YANG Chong and WU Yuhua, UNHCR-recogniz...
Sep 24 2018 12:01am
China: One million people detained in mass 're-education' drive
China must end its campaign of systematic repression and shed light on...
Sep 10 2018 11:34am
Urgent Action update: Chinese rights defender faces 15 years in jail
Zhen Jianghua reportedly stood trial over the charge of “inciting subv...