Jul 16 2016 5:59PM
Southend Amnesty hosted a group of Bahraini guests at our monthly meeting where we learned of some of the problems faced by Bahraini nationals following "Arab Spring" demonstrations in 2011.

Urgent action update: Bidun Human Rights Defender's sentence upheld in Kuwait

Human rights defender and member of the stateless Bidun community ‘Abdulhakim al-Fadhli had his one-year imprisonment sentence followed by deportation upheld by the Court of Cassation on 16 May. He has been on hunger strike since his arrest on 18 April.

1st update on UA 102/16 issued on 19/05/2016

'Arab Spring' five-year anniversary: region remains mired in repression - new factsheet

Crowds in Trafalgar Square responding to the departure of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 © Reuben Steains
New factsheet on human rights situation half a decade since Tunisian fruit-seller’s death led to mass protests

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Syrian refugee crisis by cartoonist Ali Ferzat

Syrian refugees, cartoon by Ali Ferzat
'I do not think that the West in general has carried out its duties towards Syrian refugees.' Ali Ferzat © Ali Ferzat/Mosaic Syria

We’ve commissioned a powerful new cartoon from Ali Ferzat, one of the Middle East's most famous political cartoonists, in collaboration with Mosaic Syria.

The cartoon shines a spotlight on the UK’s pitiful response to take in more Syrian refugees – just 90 people have been resettled. We’ve been calling on the UK government to significantly increase this number.

As the uprisings of the Arab Spring spread, protestors in Syria's cities held up Ali’s sharp, satirical drawings lampooning the authorities as symbols of freedom.

Egypt: The Mansoura women

The Mansoura women

On 21 May 2014, three women – Menatella, Abrar and Yousra – were peacefully protesting at their university in Mansoura, Egypt. For this, they were arrested and locked up on false charges, including ‘thuggery’, facing years behind bars.

The three women were prisoners of conscience, jailed purely for exercising their rights to freedom of expression.

Locked up and silenced

What began as a peaceful demonstration against the new protest law on 12 November 2013, soon turned into violent clashes between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Shiite Muslim fighters
Shiite Muslim fighters from the Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades) © ALI AL-SAADI/AFP/Getty Images

Against the current backdrop of lawlessness and sectarian violence, Shi’a militias have been abducting and killing Sunni civilians with almost total impunity.

Unidentified bodies have been discovered, handcuffed with gunshot wounds to the head, indicating a pattern of execution-style killings.

The Iraqi government often supports and arms these militias – making them largely responsible for war crimes and serious human rights abuses.

Sep 22 2014 3:00PM
Destroying Islamic State may push Lebanon to the brink
With momentum building over the US and its international partners carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria as well Iraq, almost nothing has been said about what this might mean in terms of population flows and new refu...
Sep 10 2014 4:21PM
A letter from a Syrian activist to an American mother
To the mother of James Foley, I want to express my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son, James Foley. It was with shock and sorrow to know what had happened to him by those vicious killers. My thoughts are with you and your f...
Sep 8 2014 2:48PM
Yara Sallam: From activist's passion to Egypt's prisons
How does it feel when someone you actually know is put in prison? Perhaps as a campaigner for justice for individuals, groups and communities it shouldn’t feel different – after all, their position is just as bad – but somehow knowing...

Mass exodus as ISIS continue to attack

ISIS flag
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) flag flying in Mosul. © Amnesty International

'They killed the 15 men and took the women and children and until now we do not know what happened to them, where they are or if they are alive or dead.' 
A relative of the missing families in Khana Sor, Sinjar, Iraq.

Killings and abductions by the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) are mounting as the militants continue their advance on north-west Iraq.

Fearing for their lives, thousands of terrified Iraqi civilians have fled their homes to escape the violence.

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