Italy (49)
Feb 1 2019 2:49pm
Vigil for murdered student Giulio Regeni at Egyptian Embassy in London
Cambridge and London Amnesty groups to hold sombre event at Egyptian E...
Sep 24 2018 3:50pm
Italy: 'New low' in crackdown against refugee rescue ships will cost lives
The Panama Maritime Authority has revoked the registration of the sear...
Aug 14 2018 2:11pm
Italy and Malta's refusal to accept refugee rescue ship is 'pure cruelty'
Responding to reports that the authorities in Italy and Malta have clo...
Jul 26 2018 5:01pm
Italy: 'Cruel and callous' Roma eviction defies European Court ruling
Italian authorities have today evicted dozens of families from a long-...
Mar 19 2018 6:33pm
Italy's targeting of NGO rescue ship shows 'reckless disregard for common decency'
Members of Proactiva Open Arms group being investigated for ‘criminal ...
Feb 11 2017 12:00pm
Giulio Regeni, Cambridge student murdered in Egypt
Giulio Regeni was an Italian postgraduate student at Cambridge Univers...
Oct 28 2016 5:43pm
Write for Rights 2016: Giulio Regeni Case Sheet
Case sheet for Giulio Regeni.