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Jun 22 2016 5:54pm
Zambia's closure of 'The Post' newspaper is an attack on media freedom
‘The closure of The Post newspaper is a disturbing development clea...
    Jul 17 2015 10:52am
    Zambia: President commutes death sentences
    The decision by President Edgar Lungu to commute the sentences of 3...
      Jul 16 2015 2:33pm
      Zambia spares hundreds of prisoners execution
      Zambia took a welcome move towards ending its use of the death penalty...
        Feb 28 2014 7:41pm
        The anti-gay law: Uganda's shame
        ‘the homosexuals have lost the argument in Uganda. They should reha...
        May 17 2013 12:49pm
        On the march against homophobia - from Finland to Zambia via the UK
        Today is International Day Against Homophobia – and in all honesty it ...