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Uganda (75)
Apr 3 2024 6:34pm
Uganda: Court 'turned its back' on human rights by failing to repeal callous anti-LGBTI law
The Anti-Homosexuality Act is one of the most extreme anti-LGBTI laws ...
Aug 30 2023 2:41pm
Uganda: Death penalty case against 20-year-old man for 'aggravated homosexuality' must be dropped immediately
Fifth Ugandan to be charged with an offence under the country’s new An...
May 29 2023 5:32pm
Uganda: president's signing of highly repressive anti-LGBTI law is 'dark day' for human rights
Law could see death sentences handed down for ‘aggravated homosexualit...
May 2 2023 6:21pm
Uganda: Parliament passes notorious bill which ‘blatantly violates’ LGBTI rights
Bill, which imposes death penalty and life imprisonment in certain cas...
Mar 22 2023 9:16am
Uganda: 'Appalling' anti-LGBTI law must be repealed immediately
Dubbed the ‘2023 Anti-Homosexuality Bill’, the law even criminalises t...
Nov 8 2021 1:03pm
Uganda: Indigenous Benet people still await justice 13 years since violent evictions from ancestral land
Around 18,000 were robbed of their land The community has been str...
Feb 4 2021 12:50pm
Uganda: Ongwen's war crimes conviction by ICC represents long overdue justice
Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group commander Dominic Ongwen today conv...
Feb 1 2021 12:01am
Global: Fresh evidence of police misuse of tear gas - updated investigative website
Ongoing tear gas misuse leading to protesters’ deaths and injuries ...
Jan 13 2021 1:04pm
Uganda: Authorities must lift social media block that violates human rights
Ugandan authorities to suspend social media networks including Twitter...
Oct 11 2019 4:31pm
Uganda: reintroduction of 'kill the gays' bill is outrageous
Call on Ugandan Parliament to ‘resoundingly reject’ legislation ‘Th...